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Approved on the 4th day April 2014 via Board Meeting, Ethics Committee & Editorial

Our  Mission  is  to turn the gears of perception into  a  design  of  reality  through  trust and commitment. To fulfill that mission our PDMI Staff Team provides high quality, and exceptional design and management services with innovation and artistic expertise. In all parts of the publishing process we work toward collaboration between ourselves and our authors.

The Author’s needs are always given priority. We focus on helping each and every author reach their goal of an excellent, marketable product. We do everything possible to combine the author’s vision with the demands of the marketplace. Time is valuable in any business, and we work hard to preserve that value with each author relationship we build. Consequently, any issues shall be taken care of quickly, effectively and in a professional manner. In this manner we build value beyond the author’s expectations.

Business is business, but PDMI does everything in its power to have fun and enjoy the journey we undertake with each author. We are always seeking the tools to run a clean, organized and efficient operation. Our staff strives to adhere to the highest standards of integrity  and  ethical  business  practices  and  to  improve  in  all  areas  of  our  expertise. eveloping and implementing new ideas, strategies and services that will benefit our authors, the reading public, and our fellow publishers.

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Headquarters & Offices

PDMI Publishing, LLC is a Limited Liability Partnership between Todd C. McKinney, Lisa McKinney and Victoria Adams. Each Member has jointly contributed to what is now know as “PDMI Publishing, LLC: The Personal Publisher.” PDMI has offices in both Albertville, AL and Bellevue, WA and works exclusively online with many contributors from around the globe.

Alabama Office Headquarters
P.O. Box 56
Albertville, AL 35950

Director’s Office, Media & Public Relations
c/o Victoria Adams
Bellevue, Washington

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